Our Lady of Receptivity

This original vision is Our Lady of Receptivity (TM).

Mary showed me this image and gave me the title, it took several months of praying to finally become receptive to Her desire for this painting. She desires for this image to be spread far and wide, and the prayer that accompanies it to be prayed.


Our Lady, Receptive to the Word. You opened yourself completely to the will of the Father. Your courageous Yes ripples through Salvation History, even vibrating through Eve’s “no”. Help us to lay down the worldly things that we desire so that we can come before the Trinity mirroring your openness to His will for our lives.

Intercede for us, Great and Noble Ark. Come to our aid, Loving and Tender Mother. Envelope us in your protective mantle.

Whisper my name to your Son, the Redeemer of the World. Help us great Lady of Receptivity, to receive the abundance of grace that God has to give. Assist us to understand that in dying with Him, we will be redeemed by Him.

We pray this for the reparation of all sins, and that the devotion to the Blessed Sacrament may increase.


Mary, Mother of God, asks that this image be looked upon by all people who long to hold Her Son, Jesus, in the ‘womb’ of their heart.

Please download the image, share it, but I ask that you don’t sell the image, it was given to me as a gift, and should be freely given as a gift.