Sacred Art

These designs are inspired by Our Lady – Queen of Heaven & Earth, and executed by me – an aspiring artist, hopefully humble servant, and fellow human (flaws intact). Mary asks for me to create Her beautiful visions while praying and listening to Her direction.

Hearts in Sync with Christ
I hope this image helps to draw you into deep communication with God who comes so intimately close to us that our heartbeats can become synchronous with the heart of the Person of Jesus, burn with the fire of the Spirit, and be rooted in the security of the Father; but who is also infinitely and unimaginably awe-some, powerful, mighty, merciful, lovely and all things true, good, and beautiful that we have no earthly words to describe Him.
What a gift it is to be made in the image and likeness of God.

Dates and locations for any booth sales or art shows for purchasing prints, cards, jewelry, and other items will be posted here for 2022.

I am Beatrice Barry, child of God, daughter, sister, mother, friend and aspiring artist. I receive inspiration for my artwork in prayer. I hope it blesses everyone who looks upon it. God be with you!

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